MANA Group is a diversified conglomeration of businesses controlled by the visionary entrepreneur, Moishe Mana. Mr. Mana’s holdings include logistics, fine art & document storage, entertainment, arts, fashion, technology, and real estate. As the Chairman of MANA Group, Moishe is a committed to using his company as a catalyst for change in neighborhoods across the United States.  The company’s real estate holdings across the United States amount to approximately 15 million SF on more than 80 acres of urban land. 

MANA Group pursues projects that foster creative culture, not only of the arts, but also of innovative businesses that push the evolution of society. The current projects under development transcend markets & industries, and have proven to impact the communities in which they are located. Whether it’s creating a space that functions as a hub for the arts across disciplines, or rehabbing neighborhoods into creative communities for mixed use purposes, Mr. Mana’s vision for the development of emerging locations is unparalleled.

MANA Group Core Companies:

Novam Portam is an internationally recognized strategic advisory firm focused on Latin America that helps its clients grow their businesses by opening doors and building quality relationships. The firm specializes in working with SMEs, startups, investment funds, government institutions, and individual projects. 

Novam Portam maintains a comprehensive network of senior relationships with government officials, multilateral institutions, asset managers, corporations, financial institutions, and advisers throughout Latin America, the United States, Canada,  Europe, China, Asia-Pacific, and Australia. Novam Portam's relationships transcend sector and asset class, enabling greater flexibility to meet our clients needs. 

Novam Portam's bespoke approach to each client enables our clients to achieve their goals, whether it is tactical business development or corporate & investor access, or larger strategic initiatives such as developing a business plan, pro forma, and vision for new projects. We take an exhaustive approach to the objectives of each client, creating a unique strategy to achieve them, while providing objective analysis and actionable insights to deliver success.

Founded in 1995, Lambert Advisory is an internationally recognized real estate and economic advisory firm. Established on a foundation of knowledge, data, and experience, Lambert works collaboratively with clients and partners to transform places and build stronger communities.

We are passionate about the work we do and are vested in positively impacting people’s lives and contributing to the communities in which we work through data guided strategies. We are considerate and aware of client and community needs and are steadfast in our dedication to each individual project and its outcomes. 

Our history of proven success and long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues has yielded the trust and loyalty of these partnerships. Most importantly, Lambert Advisory’s work has always been built on a foundation of deep research. Our research, and pragmatic approach to applying that research, affords us the ability to offer clients educated and objective guidance based on the most robust information available.

Whether we're working at home or abroad, we approach all we do with objectivity, diligence, and care.

Since the firm's inception in 1977, the goal has always been to establish a company that can provide high-value services for design-specific issues while placing "social betterment" at the core of everything we do. 

Zyscovich Architects has designed the full spectrum of projects, from transportation facilities and airports to K-12 schools and universities, mixed-use commercial and public-private partnership developments to multi-family residential high rises and master plans for cities. 

From iconic urban planning and design projects like Brooklyn, New York's DUMBO Heights, Midtown Miami and Miami Beach’s Convention Center Redevelopment District to the architectural design of Latin America's largest commercial airport in Bogota, Colombia, the Zyscovich approach to urban design and master planning is gaining momentum while earning international recognition. In the private sector, the firm has developed new neighborhoods and buildings that integrate residential, shopping, hotel and commercial uses with Active Design Guidelines that promote health and wellness.

Zyscovich Architects is headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices in New York City, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Bogota, Colombia. In addition to founder and CEO Bernard Zyscovich, the firm is directed by partners: Jose Murguido, Larry Rosenbloom, Anabella Smith, Mario Suarez and Suria Yaffar. The firm’s success is also fueled by 100+ planners, interior designers and architects.