Qingdao Signs Contact with Miami Dade County to Conclude “Exhibition Consensus”

In Yidianzixun (一点资讯)article, Qingdao and Miami are partnership cities (or sister cities), in recent years, the two sides have carried out cooperation in the areas of container shipping line, cruise industry, port logistics, and smart ports. The exchange between have built intimate relationship. On March 20th, Miami business delegation visited in Qingdao and invited to visit the exhibition section of Qingdao Expo city. During the visit, the Miami business delegation listened to the project under construction and planning and expressed recognition of the development of the exhibition industry to promote urban development. Both parties hope to have further deeper cooperation and exchange in the future.  

At that evening, Miami business delegation stayed at Qingdao Center Westin Hotel, and participated welcome dinner host by China Railway Shandong Corporation. During the banquet, the representatives of the two sides made a concerted effort to share their urban charm with each other. At the same time, successfully hosting the banquet confirmed the implementation of the employees of China Shandong Railway and the service capacity of the Westin Hotel.

On the morning of 21st, the signing ceremony for the cooperation project between Qingdao city and Miami Dade County was held. Two parties signed a letter of intent on the friendly cooperation. Besides, Qingdao World Expo City and Mana Group establish a strategic partnership can be described as the highlight of the signing ceremony. The agreement states that Qingdao` Miami` Latin American` and Caribbean Port City Forum will be held. It will be host annually by Qingdao and Miami. Qingdao Expo City is the permanent venue for Qingdao Miami LatAm and Caribbean Port City forum and exhibition.

The cooperation between Qingdao World Expo City and Mana Group is of great significance, As we all know, the exhibition industry is an economy that includes many aspects, and it is an industry that can almost “a sight move in one part may affect the situation as a whole (牵一发而动全身)”. According to information that Qingdao -Miami both regard the convention and exhibition industry as one of the core industries that drive economic development. At this time, the two sides set up a dialogue and exchange platform based on the convention to develop economic and trade, ports, tourism, educational and cultural fields and economic development.

China industries are on the world stage, Qingdao Expo City is engine by exhibition, fully brings Qingdao’s innovation economy into globalization. It is reported that in the first half of 2018, China Railway and World Expo City will complete and put into normal use.  Qingdao has the conditions for holding large scale exhibitions. With the holding a number of convention and related projects, it will play an important role in the economic development of Qingdao’s exhibitions.