Moishe Mana reveals plan for Americas-Asia trade center in Wynwood

South Florida Business Journal - April 5, 2017

Moishe Mana’s Mana Group has unveiled the centerpiece of his massive mixed-use project in Miami’s Wynwood district: a center that would facilitate commerce with Latin America and Asia.

In 2016, the city approved a special area plan for Mana Wywnood, covering nearly 24 acres, with about 10 million square feet permitted at the former warehouse site. The property extends from Northwest 22nd Street to Northwest 24th Street between Interstate 95 and Northwest 2nd Avenue. Buildings could be as tall as 24 stories near the interstate.

The Mana Wynwood project aims to become a campus for business innovation, technology and… more

Mana said he’s moving forward on the Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center (TCIFC) to encompass the majority of his project. Its aim would be to facilitate trade and business between China/Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. Mana wants to attract international companies to his project.

Mana said he hopes to create 20,000 direct and indirect jobs through the project.

Over the years, multiple developers have discussed creating an Asia or China trade center in South Florida, yet none has built such a facility. Mana hopes to break ground sometime in 2018.

"Lots of work has been done in Asia and South America in order to make this project possible. We are ready to move forward,” Mana said. “Our purpose is to take Miami from it’s historic role as a tourist destination to it’s next chapter. Our goal is to make Miami a global trading business hub servicing all industries and trades on an interactive basis."

The first phase of the TCIFC would total 4.68 million square feet on 8.5 acres. That would break down to 2 million square feet of showrooms, 1 million square feet of “Class A” office space, 75,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, a 400-room hotel, and 90,000 square feet of open space with parks, gardens and walkways. The showrooms would be utilized by importers, exporters, manufacturers and other groups to display their goods and make transactions.

“Trade between Asia and Latin America remains fragmented, and is being held back by a lack of a widely-recognized platform which can reduce trade friction, uncertainty and logistic and financial costs, and increase market indicators and symmetry of information to all players,” said Peng Lu, associate provost for international programs at Florida International University. "The world’s best location for such as a platform is Miami. This is because Miami functions for Latin America the way Singapore or Hong Kong does for Southeast Asia. The TCIFC can establish a partnership with those trade and logistic hubs in the Far East, following on the efforts of FIU's Spanish language program in Qingdao.”

Mana will also build an arts facility for FIU at Mana Wynwood after donating $10 million to the university.

Bernard Zyscovich of Zyscovich Architects designed the TCIFC. Theodore Ward, founding partner of Novam Portam, is managing the Miami Wynwood project.