MANA Group Moves Forward on MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia TCIFC to Create 20,000 Jobs in South Florida

Yahoo Finance - April 4, 2017

On the occasion of President Xi’s visit to South Florida, the MANA Group is proud to announce that it is moving forward on the MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center (TCIFC), that will create an estimated 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in South Florida. A facility of over 10 million square feet, the TCIFC will be the premier hub to facilitate trade and business between China/Asia, Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean. The 8.5-acre Phase 1 of the TCIFC will consist of 4.68 million square feet (SF) of Class-A office space, showrooms, retail, hotels, and public space dedicated to connecting the Americas and Asia.

“Our purpose is to take Miami from its historic role as a tourist destination to its next chapter, as a global trading business hub servicing all industries and trades on an interactive basis,” says Moishe Mana, Chairman of MANA Group. "This is a legacy project. I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of Henry Flagler and be instrumental in positioning Miami for the 21st century.”

“Trade between Asia and Latin America remains fragmented, and is being held back by lack of a platform,” says Dr. Peng Lu, Associate Provost for International Programs at Florida International University. "The world’s best location for such as a platform is Miami. Miami is Latin America’s economic center, like Singapore or Hong Kong in Asia. The TCIFC can establish a partnership with trade and logistic hubs in the Far East.”

"The TCIFC represents the next stage in Miami’s role as the cultural and economic capital of the Americas; the hub for the relationship between Asia and the Americas,” says Theodore Ward, Partner at Novam Portam in charge of the MANA Wynwood project. "It is a natural Western Hemisphere complement for China’s One Belt One Road Initiative."

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MANA Group is a diversified conglomeration of businesses controlled by the visionary entrepreneur, Moishe Mana. Holdings include logistics, fine art & document storage, entertainment, arts, fashion, technology, and real estate. The company’s real estate holdings across the United States amount to approximately 15 million SF on more than 80 acres of urban land.

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