MANA Group moves forward on MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center (TCIFC) to create 20,000 jobs in South Florida


On the occasion of President Xi’s visit to South Florida, the MANA Group is proud to announce that it is moving forward on the MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center (TCIFC), that will create estimated 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in South Florida. A facility of over 10 million square feet, the TCIFC will be the premier hub designed to facilitate all trade and business between China/Asia, Latin America, North America, and the Caribbean. The TCIFC will provide a home for all current and future regional headquarters for foreign firms doing business in the Americas. The TCIFC will have showrooms to serve manufacturers and industrial companies; Class-A office space for e-commerce and digital businesses, as well as banking, legal, governmental, and service providers; and retail and hospitality catering to the TCIFC and Wynwood communities. 

"It has been six years since we started incubating this vision from the great assemblage job of this massive valuable property, all the way through achieving the SAP approval,” says Moishe Mana, Chairman of MANA Group. "Lots of work has been done in Asia and South America in order in order to make this project possible. We are ready to move forward.”

“Our purpose is to take Miami from it’s historic role as a tourist destination to it’s next chapter,” says Mana. "Our goal is to make Miami a global trading business hub servicing all industries and trades on an interactive basis."

"This is a legacy project,” says Mana. “I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of Henry Flagler and be instrumental in positioning Miami for the 21st century.”

Miami is the de facto capital of Latin America, located strategically at the approaches to the Panama Canal, which connects it to the Pacific trade routes. Miami is also a desired destination for Americans. Over 55 million passengers travel through Miami International Airport, which is the number one air gateway to Latin America; PortMiami is Latin America’s biggest neo-Panamax shipping hub; and 90% of internet traffic for Latin America passes through the Miami area’s seven fiber-optic submarine cables. Miami is the Latin America headquarters for over 600 multinational corporations. Miami has also benefited from the growth of its regional economy. That growth has propelled the urban core to expand and encompass new neighborhoods, such as Wynwood, one of the most vibrant and influential urban arts scenes in the world.

“Wynwood is where we chose to put this project,” says Mana. “It’s where business and culture reside side-by-side, in a symbiotic relationship."


Catalyst for Americas-Asia Relationship

Growing from a negligible flow two decades ago, trade between Asia and Latin America has boomed as a result of the growth of the economies and middle class consumers in both regions. Annual trade totals $500 billion, and is expected to grow to $750 billion by 2020. China is the main driver of this growth, but increasingly other countries in Asia — such as India or Korea — are taking a greater role. But the bilateral relationship remains fragmented.

“Trade between Asia and Latin America remains fragmented, and is being held back by a lack of a widely-recognized platform which can reduce trade friction, uncertainty and logistic and financial costs, and increase market indicators and symmetry of information to all players,” says Dr. Peng Lu, Associate Provost for International Programs at Florida International University (FIU). "The world’s best location for such as a platform is Miami. This is because Miami functions for Latin America the way Singapore or Hong Kong does for Southeast Asia. The TCIFC can establish a partnership with those trade and logistic hubs in the Far East, following on the efforts of FIU's Spanish language program in Qingdao. Currently we are also talking with Qingdao University for an annual Conference and Expo for Sino-Latino Trade in Miami or Qingdao in 2018.”

"Miami is uniquely positioned to lift the relationship between Asia and the Americas to the next level,” says Theodore Ward, Founding Partner of Novam Portam, and in charge of the MANA Wynwood project. "The MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center represents the next stage in Miami’s role as the cultural and economic capital of the Americas, and can be the hub for the relationship between Asia and the Americas. It is a natural complement in the Western Hemisphere for China’s One Belt One Road Initiative."


The MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center (TCIFC)

The MANA Wynwood Americas-Asia Trade Center & International Financial Center (TCIFC) Phase 1 will consist of 4.68 million square feet (SF) on 8.5 acres of Class-A office space, showrooms, retail, hotels, and public space dedicated to driving trade and investment between the Americas and Asia. The TCIFC will help address trans-border issues by centralizing operations in Miami. The TCIFC will provide the critical infrastructure that the banks, corporations, government institutions and advisors require. It will contain up to 2 million SF of showrooms; over 1 million SF of Class-A office space; 75,000 SF of supporting retail; a 400-Key luxury hotel; and 90,000 SF of open space.

Award-winning architect Bernard Zyscovich of Zyscovich Architects has designed the TCIFC.

The Trade Center portion of the TCIFC will house up to 2 million SF of showrooms. This state-of-the-art facility will be home to the companies and service providers driving the bilateral trade relationship between the Americas and Asia, including: importers; exporters; producers; logistics companies; trade & export promotion agencies; and government representatives. The Trade Center will address issues impacting these companies and their clients.

The International Financial Center (IFC) portion of the TCIFC will house over 1 million SF of Class-A office space. A truly unique world-class facility, the IFC will provide a home to: corporations; banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs); law firms; government agencies and consulates; and services-providers. The IFC will provide major corporates from across Asia, Latin America and the world with a dedicated hub from which to conduct business and more efficiently expand trade and investment between Asia and the Americas.

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The MANA Wynwood Special Area Plan (SAP)

The TCIFC will be the cornerstone of the broader MANA Wynwood Special Area Plan (SAP). The SAP has entitlements for more than ten million square feet (10,000,000 sqf) — including the TCIFC — on almost 24 acres of land. Zoned as one contiguous multi-use district between NW 22nd Street and facing NW 24th Street, the SAP will allow for buildings up to 24 stories tall on an eight-story platform along I-95, stair-stepping down to eight-floor buildings along NW 2nd Avenue to blend in with the existing neighborhood.



MANA Group is a diversified conglomeration of businesses controlled by the visionary entrepreneur, Moishe Mana. Mr. Mana’s holdings include logistics, fine art & document storage, entertainment, arts, fashion, technology, and real estate. As the Chairman of MANA Group, Mr. Mana is a committed to using his company as a catalyst for change in neighborhoods across the United States. The company’s real estate holdings across the United States amount to approximately 15 million SF on more than 80 acres of urban land. 

MANA Group pursues projects that foster creative culture, not only of the arts, but also of innovative businesses that push the evolution of society. The current projects under development transcend markets & industries, and have proven to impact the communities in which they are located. Whether it’s creating a space that functions as a hub for the arts across disciplines, or rehabbing neighborhoods into creative communities for mixed use purposes, Mr. Mana’s vision for the development of emerging locations is unparalleled.



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